Rna extraction kits

Centrifuge type product that can extract high purity and produce total RNA without any contamination of genomic DNA easily and quickly from cells and tissues.

  • A combination product of phenol solution and spin column.
  • Minimization of genomic DNA contamination.
  • High-yield, high-purity total RNA extraction.
  • The alcohol PPT procedure is not necessary due to the use of a column to extract total RNA.
  • Highly reproducible results with the use of columns.
  • RNA extraction in 30 minutes.

The easy-spin Total RNA Extraction Kit (without DNA) is designed to extract total RNA from cells and tissues quickly and easily without mixing genomic DNA. RNA extraction product is usually divided into column type and solution type. The solution type (phenol use) has a higher yield compared to the twist type and can also extract a large amount of RNA.

Although an alcohol precipitation step is required due to the use of phenol, it has been used extensively to extract RNA. In contrast, the spin type does not require alcohol precipitation to extract pure RNA but is primarily used for rapid RNA extraction from many samples, or for the safety and environmental friendliness of experimenters and ease of experimentation.

As described above, the RNA extracted in the above two ways must have sufficient purity and yield to be used in almost all molecular biology experiments such as Northern blot analysis, cDNA synthesis, and RT-PCR. It is an easy-spin total RNA extraction kit (without DNA) that combines the advantages of solution type and column type.

This product eliminates the inconvenience of the alcohol PPT step when using the solution-type product, and total RNA can be extracted in 30 minutes without contamination of genomic DNA. This product significantly reduces contamination issues by using the CAPS method to individually pack columns to effectively conduct pathogen research.

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