CryoSure-DEX40 is a ready-to-use cryoprotective answer for the addition to a extent decreased buffy coat suspension from wire blood in line with the technique of Rubinstein et al (1). CryoSure-DEX40 is an answer including 50 % v/v DMSO and 50 % v/v of a 10% aqueous answer of Dextrane 40. DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) is a cryoprotectant which penetrates the mobileular wall and takes its cryoprotectant impact in the mobileular. It reduces the osmotic pressure at the cells in the course of freezing and thawing (2, 3, four, five, 6) and antagonizes the osmotic shock (7). Also DMSO protects the cells via way of lowering dehydration and shrinkage of the cells in the course of the freezing method (five, eight).

After thawing DMSO must be eliminated from the stem mobileular suspension via wash centrifugation. According to the protocol of Rubinstein et al the DMSO-attention withinside the extent-decreased ready-to-freeze endvolume is 10% v/v. Before freezing and after thawing DMSO is doubtlessly cytotoxic. The cytotoxicity is dependant at the DMSO-attention, the time of publicity and the temperature of the stem mobileular suspension in the course of the time of publicity to DMSO (9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16). Therefore earlier than freezing respectively after thawing the stem mobileular suspension must be stored cool at 2°C even as CryoSure-DEX40 is delivered to the stem mobileular suspension, respectively earlier than elimination of CryoSure-DEX40 from the stem mobileular suspension after thawing. Immediately after addition of DMSO the freezing method must be started.

Likewise straight away after thawing the wash out method must be started. In case of ok cooling of the stem mobileular suspension in the course of DMSO-publicity withinside the unfrozen state, no applicable adverse outcomes at the cells are determined at quit extent concentrations of DMSO among five and 10 % (15, 16, 17, 18). Since DMSO is a robust aprotic solvent, unique care must be taken to best use DMSO-well matched substances for withdrawal of the DMSO from the vial and in the course of transition of the DMSO to the goal suspension and to reduce the touch time of DMSO with such substances. All tactics associated with the software and removal of CryoSure-DEX40 need to be tested via way of the user.

Calculation of the composition of the cryoprotective answer

The quantity of CryoSure-DEX40 to be delivered to the stem mobileular suspension must be selected in a manner so that the envisaged endvolumeconcentration of DMSO is met. eight ml of CryoSure-DEX40 include four ml of DMSO (≙ four,four g DMSO) The specific gravity of DMSO is 1,1 g/cm3. In accordance with the protocol of Rubinstein et al five ml of CryoSure-DEX40 are to be delivered to twenty ml of extent-decreased wire blood. Like this the delivered 2,five ml of DMSO bring about an endvolume-attention of DMSO of 10% in the ready-to-freeze suspension (1)

Withdrawal of CryoSure-DEX40 from the vial and instruction of the cryoprotective answer

Before addition to the stem mobileular suspension CryoSure-DEX40 is to be cooled to 2°C. In order to reach the envisaged attention of CryoSure-DEX40 withinside the endvolume the essential quantity is to be taken volumetrically from the vial.

 Addition of the cryoprotective approach to the suspension of hematopoietic stem cells

Before addition of CryoSure-DEX40 the stem mobileular suspension is placed on an ice mattress and cooled to 2°C. Thereafter CryoSure-DEX40, which has additionally been cooled to 2°C, is delivered volumetrically at a constant pace inside a duration of 15 minutes to the stem mobileular suspension till the targeted quit extent is reached. Preferably a calibrated syringe pump is for use for the addition of the cryoprotective answer (1). The decelerated addition of the DMSOcontaining CryoSure-DEX40 presents for the osmotic tolerance of the hyperosmolaric DMSO and the cells withinside the goal suspension. During the addition method the goal suspension is constantly and always combined if you want to assure a constant dispension of the conveyed DMSO in the goal suspension (1).

Begin of freezing method

Immediately after addition of the entire targeted quantity of CryoSure-DEX40 to the goal suspension the freezing method has to be started. Until the start of freezing the temperature of the ready-to-freeze stem mobileular suspension must be stored at 2°C. For freezing popular freezing methods have to be implemented as special in literature. A freezing fee of 1°C/minute till the very last freezestore temperature is reached has been defined as an applicable freezing fee for hematopoietic stem cells (16).



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Immediately after the finished thawing method the cryoprotective answer ought to be washed out of the stem mobileular suspension. The washing method is done in numerous washing steps including centrifugation, withdrawal of liquid supernatant and resuspension of the cells with the suitable wash answer. During the showering method till the quantitative removal of the cryoprotectant from the stem mobileular suspension the suspension must be stored cool at 2°C. Consequently the wash out method must be finished via a refrigerated centrifuge. The validation of the removal method ist the resonsibility of the user. For appearing the wash out method inside a closed device numerous strategies are available .

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